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  • My first anal (continued after the first Kuni)

    UncategorizedMay 25, 2023

    My first anal (continued after the first Kuni) I wrote earlier how a friend of my ex-boyfriend, after our evening with him with beer indian porn tube, made me my first kuni, and then said that we definitely need to meet again ... In general, after a couple of weeks, we still met with him, although I was somehow afraid of him ... It was around the weekend, I came to his house, after short conversations about life, he immediately set to work. Even when we were visiting him with my ex-boyfriend (his friend), it turns out that he indian sex tube laid eyes on me then. During our previous “date”, he gave me such a kick that I hoped that this time there would be something similar ... But this time he was almost sober, and it turned out completely differently. He unceremoniously undressed me, laid me on my back on the bed, undressed himself and began to stroke me from legs to breasts, while kissing me periodically all over my body. Of course, I got wet from such a start, he spread my legs and began to crawl my wet pussy with his fingers, which made me even more excited. Then, finally, he began to slide his new porno tongue from his breasts to my crotch, I was already flowing like a bitch ... He dug his lips into the clitoris, and then began to intensively and sharply run his tongue from the vagina to the clitoris. It was just a kick of course, I thought that maybe I would finally finish at least once in my life. Then he moved new sex into position 69, continuing to lick me and penetrate me with his tongue, he made progressive movements towards my face with his rather big member. Before that, I had only done a blowjob once, somehow it was not for me, but in that situation I understood that since he was licking me, then I should suck. I began to clasp his head with my lips, just sucking it without taking the dick completely into my mouth, but after a while, he turned me around on the bed so that my head began to hang from the edge of the bed, and he was already standing in front of me and began to push the dick only indian porn into my mouth, while holding my legs under my knees, pushing them apart so that it seemed to me that I was almost turned inside out. At first he gently entered, so that his testicles lightly touched my nose, but then with hard blows he began to drive his cock into my throat so that I already felt the balls with my lips. I was somehow afraid of such rudeness, but it was very exciting, so I periodically pushed him away to catch my breath, but did not resist much. After some time, he changed the rhythm to a softer one, I felt how he began to enter the vagina with his fingers, it was porn fuck already so wet there that he immediately entered with four fingers. As I later realized, he stopped the sharp fucking in the mouth, so as not to finish, he holding his penis in my mouth, began to fuck me in the vagina with a rubber member, while licking my clitoris and lips. Apparently, he prepared his "toys" in advance, because. All this time I was with a member in my mouth, he never left anywhere. To be honest, I have long wanted to try to be fucked and given in the mouth, so I just lay there and got high. Then I felt that instead of a rubber penis, he began to stuff porn india something cold into me, looking up from the blowjob, I got up and saw that these were balls, I had only seen such balls in porn films before, he stuffed them into me, put me on the bed with an asterisk and again began to lick me. I was already waiting for him to start fucking me, and he lay down on me and began to drive his penis porno sex india along the labia, pressing on me so that I felt these balls inside me. Then he abruptly, taking my hips, turned me over on my stomach and put cancer, spread my legs wider, I expected that now he would pull out the balls and start pecking me, but in a moment he was in my ass, at first I took my breath away, I never I hadn’t had anal sex before, but he stuck it up to the very balls, firmly held my hips and froze. Then he began to move slowly, I felt his penis with the walls of the vagina through the balls, the anal hole and the uterus, when he was completely immersed, he beat porn vid right into her. Then he began to accelerate, and he hammered already so that I just held on to the bed so as not to fly away, the balls began to cause discomfort, I reached out with my hand from below the vagina and pulled them out, he began to hammer even harder, hitting me in the ass several times, for pulling out the balls as he said. But after a couple redwap of minutes, he had already finished, without removing the member, lay on top of me, putting me on my stomach, and lay like that for about 5 minutes, with a member in my ass. All this time it was hard, and periodically for some reason it was reduced. I was lying in some kind of euphoria ... The first time anal sex and not so scary as my girlfriends said ... When he caught his breath, got out of my ass, we went together to the shower, where I washed all the sperm I got inside, and returning to bed, he discharged himself with traditional sex 3 or 4 more times ... We didn’t meet with him anymore, apparently he got what he wanted and went on to look for new sensations. And I would be away)

  • Orgasm in the car.

    UncategorizedMay 11, 2023

    Orgasm in the car. She came to my office and offered to advertise our company in their newspaper. While she was talking enthusiastically about her publication, I studied her appearance. She was a miniature burning brunette with huge eyes, in which, with a careless glance, one could dissolve without a trace. Her hairstyle was a huge mop of black curly hair. I could not resist and imagined how cool best porn it would be to bury my face in this shock and inhale the spicy smell of her hair. She suddenly fell silent, noticing my intent scrutiny of her appearance. - So, what is the circulation of your newspaper? - I asked in order to somehow support her monologue. - 10,000 copies. she smiled, revealing a row of magnificent teeth. We talked a little more about advertising, but for some reason the conversation itself began to jump to completely abstract topics, this happens when you meet a person who works with you, as it were, on the same frequency and it seems that you have known him for a thousand years . I suddenly suddenly felt a change in her look, just that it was the look of a man doing his routine work, but suddenly turned into the look of an interested woman, I think not one male will confuse this moment in best sex relationships with the opposite sex. Just now there was some kind of invisible barrier and now it's gone. To check, I held her hand a little longer at the moment when she handed me a fountain pen to sign the contract (I decided to "succumb" to persuasion about advertising). I felt the warmth of her skin, she tore her gaze from the papers and looked at me in such a way that I had no doubts about the fallacy of my conclusions. As you know, the workplace is not very convenient for continuing such acquaintances, so I casually said that I need to leave now and if she is in the center, then I can give her a lift by car. It turned out that her next meeting was on Nevsky and we were on the way. With a beating heart, I got behind the wheel and drove 500 meters away from the office, muttering something about the problems, and parked the car on the Neva embankment. She looked best sex porno at me with a little surprise, but I no longer paid attention to anything. Pulling me closer, I dug into her hot lips, which immediately became soft and pliable, and her sharp tongue began to work in my mouth, with the other hand I began to unbutton her coat and in a second my hand was already wandering under her blouse, I found the clasp of her bra and freed her breasts. For the diminutiveness of her body, the chest was even excessively large, and it was, as they say, a girl's chest, elastic, perfectly holding its shape, the breast of a woman who had not yet known milk. Like crazy, I began to bite and caress her nipples, feeling her whole body tremble from my caresses, and her desi indian sex breathing became so quick that I thought she was close to orgasm. At this time, her crazy tongue penetrated into my ear and for a while I lost the ability to think. Still, out of the corner of my eye, I began to notice that the passing cars began to somehow slow down as they caught up with us, and being close to the office created a danger of familiarizing my subordinates with the peculiarities of "working day" of their boss. With difficulty tearing myself away from her hot body (unfortunately still dressed), I focused my gaze and with trembling fingers began to fasten the buttons on my shirt (and when did she manage to cope with them?). Her breathing still had not quite calmed down either, but she did not miss the opportunity to ask where in the newly concluded advertising contract I found such rules of conduct with my advertising agent. I said that it was somewhere in the "additional agreements of the parties" section and, in turn, asked how much the contract was supposed to be "thank" the client in this way. In fact, my thoughts were directed to solving only one question, in the voiced form it desi sex movies sounded "WHERE?". I frantically thought about what needs to be done to bring the matter to its logical end. There were no free ones, as they say "HAT" in mind, I decided that a car could also come down for these purposes. But there were a couple of BUT: 1) On the street day 2) glass is not tinted. Having estimated the location of the districts, I suddenly remembered that once my driving instructor "trained" me in this art near the Sports and Concert Complex (abbreviated SCC). For those who have not been there, this is a huge wasteland on which there is a once powerful indoor stadium, successfully converted into another "flea market". - Let's ride a little. I said to Lo. (So mentally I called her, shortening part of the name) “Are you sure you can drive now?” she asked. - Well, if you don't get carried away during the trip with the "second gear shift knob ..." - I retorted. - OK! - said Lo and put her hand on the bulge of my trousers. At that time, I had already successfully overcome traffic jams, getting out of the center. And he actively used his right hand, which was released from the speed switch from time to time, to explore the smoothawn of the nylon of her tights on the inner thighs. It should be noted that I did not experience any particular objections, even when I got to the noticeably moistened panties. At intersections, waiting for the green signal, we kissed like crazy until the rear cars began to honk, reminding us that it was already possible free porn video to go. Drivers of neighboring cars smiled and nodded their heads approvingly. Claiming that my throat was completely dry, I stopped at some stall and bought a pack of "rubber friends" along with a bottle of Borjomi. Having taxied into a wasteland near the SKK, it was necessary to choose a place less crowded and at the same time not sit in a snowdrift, I moved to the passenger seat and put Lo on my lap. The first thing I did was pull up her blouse and began to examine her breasts in more detail. I didn’t even suspect that you could get so turned on just by looking and caressing this female part of the body. Judging by the way Lo began to pound from my caresses, I suggested that this part of the body is far from the last of her erogenous zones, or maybe it all consisted of one large erogenous zone. Her breathing quickened, her eyes were clouded with a detached veil, she whispered some phrases, the essence of which was impossible to catch, but it was clear that she could give odds to many in getting pleasure from having sex. My trousers were already cracking at the seams, when Lo suddenly hd porn free distracted herself a little from her sensations and reached for the zipper on her fly. Maybe my "tool" would not have made it to the contest of participants for filming in porn films, but there have been no complaints about it from partners yet. I noticed how her body tensed when she took it in her hand, moving to the next seat, she leaned over me and I felt the weightless flutter of the tongue on the head while her hand slightly squeezed and unclenched the scrotum, slightly rolling the testicles. Gathering the remnants of my will, I pulled out a pack of rubber bands from my pocket, she understood and, tearing the package at one, began to roll the rubber ring along the trunk of my penis. I, in turn, began to pull off her pantyhose, which in the conditions of automobile crowding was not an easy task. Together we managed to cope with this detail of the toilet, but under the pantyhose there was a bodysuit I hated. I have indian hd porn always had a very weak idea of the bottom fastening of these clothes, either there is Velcro, or there are hooks, or maybe it is put on over the head. In a word, I paused a little in the preparations, but she did not seem to notice this already. Pushing me onto the back of the seat, Lo simply ripped off the bottom of this bodysuit and everything turned out to be simple and affordable. She again sat down on my knees, slightly raised her ass, just enough so that my barrel was right in front of the entrance to her hole and she directed the gun at her body. After that, she slowly, slowly began to descend on me. I understood her sophistication, because only an orgasm can be compared with the sweetness of the moment of the first penetration. I felt every millimeter of my immersion in her vagina. As I expected, judging by her constitution, the hole indian hd videos was small and narrow. Having filled it all, I felt how the head of the penis rested against the back wall of her uterus and slightly pressed it. Lo closed her eyes and froze for a few seconds, after which she began her movements. The position in which we made love is such that a woman herself changes tactics, depth and speed of diving, the main task of a man is simply to become an observer and freeze his feelings of an approaching orgasm. You just see how waves of voluptuousness take your partner until they cover her head. They covered Law, it seems, with more than just a head. Her movements were accelerating, her claws dug into my indian porno videos back harder and harder, and suddenly, having planted herself on the penis to the stop, she froze, staring at me with an unseeing look, gradually her grip began to weaken, her eyes became more meaningful. I realized that my turn had come and began to set the pace. She understood without words, gradually accelerating and increasing the speed of frictions as orgasm approached. I tore off her blouse, and that was the finale, the sight of her bare breasts was the pinnacle after which it was impossible to stop. My cock thumped inside her, ejecting cum into her hot vagina, causing a chain reaction of her new orgasm. After a couple of minutes, the brain began to again sense the sources of external signals, and I felt the delicious kiss of a satisfied woman on my lips. Somehow putting myself in order, I took her to work. After this incident, we called back several times, but never met again.

  • Opiniões Sobre Mostbet Official Leia Opiniões Sobre O Serviço De Mostbet Com

    UncategorizedMay 2, 2023

    Opiniões Sobre Mostbet Official Leia Opiniões Sobre O Serviço De Mostbet Com O bónus pode ser usado em apostas desportivas ou jogos de casino, consoante a escolha do cliente. Para além dos diversos bónus de rodadas grátis, no Mostbet grátis poderá jogar e experimentar todos os jogos em versão demo. São centenas de jogos que pode jogar sem depósito, apenas pela diversão do jogo, sem apostas ou prémios com dinheiro. No entanto, antes de um jogador poder fazer um levantamento, terá de verificar a sua identidade. O portfólio de jogos do MostBet Casino é uma das melhores características desta operadora. O website apresenta uma ampla gama de opções de jogos de várias categorias e de dezenas de desenvolvedores de jogos. Isso garante que cada cliente possa encontrar entretenimento que atenda às suas preferências específicas. O site fornece aos seus clientes uma versão móvel muito conveniente e de fácil utilização.Vale notar que, além do real brasileiro nacional, as casas de apostas que aceitam jogadores do Brasil também aceitam dólares americanos e euros.Isso inclui seu nome, endereço e extrato bancário para verificar sua identidade e reduzir o risco de fraude.Vamos olhar apenas para as 3 melhores, em nossa opinião, que têm a classificação mais alta em nossa escala.Assim, a importância de soluções móveis de qualidade é maior do que nunca. Embora o futsal seja uma forma de futebol, ele é jogado sob a alçada da AMF e não da FIFA. Além disso, ao preencher o formulário também deve especificar o código de bónus a usar, caso tenha um. Um novo jogador poderá receber um bónus de boas-vindas aumentado, o que permitirá que ele aproveite ao máximo a emocionante jogabilidade e ganhe sólidos prêmios em dinheiro. Pode ainda ativar os bónus, usar as promoções, participar no programa de lealdade ou fazer parte do programa de afiliados, para aumentar o seu rendimento. Ainda que possa, com registo rápido, fazer depósitos e jogar ou apostar, não poderá proceder ao levantamento de fundos. Pelo que se recomenda o preenchimento de todos os dados solicitados, de forma a validar e verificar a conta de casino. O serviço de suporte ao cliente da MostBet funciona 24 horas por dia e responde prontamente a todas as solicitações que possam surgir, isso permite que resolva de forma rápida e eficiente todos os problemas e questões emergentes dos jogadores. Para comunicar com os especialistas, está disponível um chat on-line no web site assim como um e-mail para envio de solicitações pertinentes. Além disso, os jogadores podem fazer o download da app móvel oficial do casino, que está disponível para vários tipos de dispositivos e sistemas operacionais como android e ios. O processo para fazer o download e instalar a aplicação é um pouco diferente dependendo do dispositivo que usa. Por que não verificar nossa lista de cassinos ao vivo recomendados que oferecem seu software de cassino ao vivo hoje, cassino na internet confiáveis 2023 ele disse. Esta plataforma, tal como todos os casinos de Portugal grandes, oferece diferentes tipos de bónus para os seus clientes. Todos os novos jogadores podem receber um bónus de boas-vindas pelo primeiro depósito na plataforma. Transferencia De Fundos Ganhos Cancelada Os depósitos são efetuados de acordo com as condições básicas do meio de pagamento escolhido. Ao procurar um website de casino, tenha em conta o MostBet online. Este casino surgiu no mercado internacional em 2009 e, atualmente, os serviços do MostBet casino são utilizados por jogadores de todo o mundo, inclusive Portugal. O web site de jogos da sorte opera com base numa licença, o que indica segurança. A plataforma está disponível em mais de ninety países e tem mais de um milhão de jogadores ativos. Os jogos disponíveis incluem slots clássicos, jogos de mesa, poker de vídeo e muito mais. Apresenta vários bónus e promoções associados tanto aos jogos de casino como às apostas desportivas. Nesta Mostbet avaliação, pretendemos dar-lhe a conhecer toda a atividade do website oficial da marca, numa análise que inclui jogos, bónus, registo e depósitos, entre outros importantes parâmetros. Como já deves ter chegado à conclusão agora, a Mostbet além de ser um casino ilegal, sem qualquer licença para aceitar jogadores portugueses, está a praticar muitos outros crimes. Além de não deixar os clientes retirar o dinheiro, também estão a pagar a pseudoinfluencers para mentir descaradamente e a somar a isso, usam perfis falsos do instagram a prometer dinheiro fácil na Mostbet com um algoritmo inexistente. Já nos instastories abaixo, o primeiro publicado a 27 de janeiro de 2023 e o outro publicado a 18 de janeiro de 2023 mostram a vanessasousa.official a garantir que “….com um depósito de 80 euros…. Hoje de manhã acordei e já tinha o dinheiro na minha conta…“. Bom Dia Ando A 1 Semana Tentar Levantar… Quanto mais tempo o jogador joga, mais recompensas ele recebe. Estes são três de nossos sites favoritos e são os melhores casas de apostas do Brasil no momento. Pode também tirar partido do código promocional, INMBONUS. Este código aumenta o montante do bónus de boas-vindas. Lançado em 2009, o MostBet ganhou reputação ao longo dos anos por oferecer as maiores probabilidades nos principais esportes e jogos e uma ampla variedade de caça-níqueis populares. Houve uma mudança clara nas tendências do iGaming nos últimos anos, à medida que mais pessoas optam por usar seus devices para jogar on-line. Assim, a importância de soluções móveis de qualidade é maior do que nunca. O Casino MostBet foi fundado em 2009 e ao longo de mais de dez anos de existência expandiu-se tanto que é capaz de oferecer aos seus clientes uma vasta gama de entretenimento. Este processo significa que será necessário confirmar a identidade do jogador por meio da comparação dos dados introduzidos com aqueles que constam nos seus documentos. A verificação pode ser realizada a qualquer momento a pedido da empresa, mas na maioria das vezes é realizada antes do primeiro saque de fundos da conta. Coordenador do projecto e criador de conteúdo do guia de jogo online Mais de 5 anos de experiência em jogos de casino o levaram a compartilhar seus conhecimentos. Miguel mantém um olhar atento às inovações deste mundo diariamente e compartilha suas opiniões e orientações em A qualidade dos jogos na plataforma é de alto nível porque, na Mostbet Online Casino, os jogos são recolhidos dos criadores mais populares tais como Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Amatic, e muitos outros brilhantes representantes da indústria. Todos os jogos no web site foram verificados por observadores independentes, para poder estar seguros da honestidade do Casino Mostbet Portugal. Vamos ver mais de perto os detalhes dos tipos de jogos individuais da empresa abaixo. O Mostbet pt é bem conhecido no mercado pelos seus generosos bónus . No Mostbet Portugal, você pode pagar em moedas tais como EUR, USD, CAD e muitos outras. Além disso, está entre os casinos bitcoins portugueses, para que possa escolher entre um grande número de diferentes criptomoedas. Além disso, verifique-se que é o Mastercard casino mais conveniente, onde os levantamentos com este método são tão fáceis como os depósitos. Para sacar dinheiro, você também pode usar Astropay, transferência bancária, Webmoney e outros. O que dizem nos vídeos é sempre o mesmo texto básico e o comprovativo falso. Para a letisdcgoncalves, promover casinos ilegais ao seus seguidores não é algo novo. Alguns meses atrás promoveu o casino ilegal Ice Casino, como mostra o vídeo abaixo. Casino Móvel Mostbet Nenhum dos influencers indica que é #PUB, #AD ou PUBLICIDADE, apesar de terem sido pagos para anunciar o casino ilegal. Para resolver o problema, você é obrigado a fornecer documentos de identificação. Esses dados foram solicitados a você por e-mail.Por favor, verifique sua pasta de spam e responda ao nosso e-mail! To resolve the problem, you are required to supply identification paperwork. This knowledge was requested from you by e mail.Please examine your spam folder and reply to our email! Esta página não representa o sítio oficial on-line da entidade. Uma vez aceite o orçamento pelo Cliente, a reparação do equipamento será feita em conformidade com o tempo estimado no orçamento. 2.3 No caso do valor orçamentado para a reparação não ser aceite pelo Cliente, o cliente deverá pagar o custo de rejeição de orçamento, de 25,00 € caso seja um equipamento iOS, e 45,00 € caso o equipamento seja MAC. 1.3 É obrigatória a digitalização da factura de compra, sob pena de o pedido de reparação não ser considerado válido. Este documento será SEMPRE o documento de compra do equipamento unique e não uma factura referente a uma reparação ao equipamento. Depois de ter criado a sua conta, pode iniciar sessão. Para o fazer, terá de fornecer as suas informações pessoais e escolher o método de pagamento preferido. Para se inscreverem com a Mostbet, os utilizadores devem fornecer o seu número de telefone e um endereço de correio electrónico. Entretanto, desde 1946 o jogo é ilegal no Brasil, mas dá aos residentes o direito de participar de loterias e apostar em corridas de cavalos. O depósito mínimo é 2€, enquanto a retirada mínima é de 10 euros. Por falar em tempo de transacção, todos os depósitos são instantâneos, mas os levantamentos têm de ser processados por até seventy two horas. O Mostbet ao vivo com supplier não tem opção demo, por razões óbvias, já que se trata de apostas ao vivo. Se alguma vez enviaste os teus documentos ou fotos do cartão de crédito ou débito para um site duvidoso, tem cuidado, porque no futuro podes ter muitos problemas. Visite sites, fale no Whatsapp e faça download sem registo. A verificação ajuda a garantir que são pessoas reais a escrever opiniões sobre empresas reais. Qualquer pessoa pode escrever uma opinião na Trustpilot. As pessoas que escrevem opiniões têm direito a editá-las ou eliminá-las a qualquer momento. A plataforma oferece um bónus de boas-vindas pelo primeiro depósito, diferentes bónus semanais e muitas outras promoções. Há diferentes jogos à escolha, incluindo raspadinhas, bilhetes da sorte, jackpots, e muito mais. A secção de promoções do web site fornece mais informações sobre os bónus. Para além da grande variedade de jogos do site, também oferece um sólido programa de fidelidade. Os jogadores recebem pequenos presentes e recompensas todos os dias. Existem vários níveis diferentes no programa, cada um deles oferecendo uma melhor taxa de conversão. A Mostbet aceita uma variedade de moedas, incluindo Litecoin e Ethereum. Há vários tipos de bónus disponíveis, incluindo o bónus da casa de apostas desportivas e do casino. Casino Mostbet oferece aos seus jogadores mais de 9000 jogos on-line diferentes. Na plataforma, pode encontrar slots (incluindo os do jackpot), roleta, cartas e loterias. A secção de cartas dá aos jogadores oportunidades de escolher entre poker, blackjack, baccarat e muitos outros emocionantes jogos de cartas. As lotarias são representadas por diferentes tipos de keno, bingo, and so forth. three.2 É responsabilidade do Cliente fazer uma cópia de segurança separada dos conteúdos do respetivo suporte de dados de armazenamento, retirar todas as informações pessoais e desativar todas as palavras-passe de segurança. O Cliente sabe que os conteúdos do suporte de dados de armazenamento do Produto Apple poderão ser apagados, substituídos e/ou reformatados no decorrer do diagnóstico (e da assistência contratada). Esta aplicação também lhe permite depositar fundos na sua conta. Pode levantar os seus ganhos de uma forma sem complicações. Para começar, o jogador precisa primeiro de entrar na sua conta. Graças a isso, pode desfrutar de uma jogabilidade emocionante a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar usando o seu telemóvel ou tablet. A versão móvel do casino online é altamente produtiva e, ao mesmo tempo, possui as mesmas funcionalidades da versão desktop. Por exemplo, você não precisará de nenhum código de bônus do Borgata Online casino. Os requisitos de apostas que se aplicam ao bônus sem depósito são definidos em 2x o valor whole do bônus e devem ser compensados exclusivamente em jogos de bingo, Você está efetivamente jogando dois de uma vez. Vale notar que, além do actual brasileiro nacional, as casas de apostas que aceitam jogadores do Brasil também aceitam dólares americanos e euros. A catia_basilio publicou a 23 de novembro de 2022 vários instastories a promover o casino ilegal indicando ser seguro. Começa por dizer que “…eu odeio estar no tédio e gosto bastante de jogar, por isso, comecei a jogar e fui surpreendida com este valor… (risos) quando recebi… é simples, é eficaz. Eu obviamente quis ter a certeza que era honesto eeee, certifiquei-me do mesmo e por isso estou a contar aqui…“. Mas continuam as mentiras, diz que “…posto isto, querem fazer apostas seguras e ao mesmo tempo ganhar dinheiro é na Mostbet…“. Os métodos de pagamento seguros são essenciais para todos os jogadores. No Casino Mostbet pode pagar por métodos tão bem conhecidos como cartões bancários, sistemas eletrónicos e criptomoedas. Pelos danos que, no decorrer da reparação, o equipamento que seja considerado classic e/ou obsoleto pela Apple sofra por não existirem mais módulos de substituição/reparação do equipamento. four.four Caso entenda não reparável o equipamento, a iStore informará o Cliente dessa situação e devolverá o equipamento ao Cliente no prazo dos 3 (três) dias úteis seguintes à prestação dessa informação. Se também estás interessado em jogar e ganhar dinheiro, é só carregar no link…“. Para proceder o saque o senhor(a) deve fornecer os seguintes documentos1) uma foto sua com o seu passaporte aberto próximo do seu rosto2) uma foto do seu passaporte ao lado de outro documento que comprove a sua identidade, de sua escolha. (pode ser RG, CNH, certidão de nascimento, and so on.)id@mostbet.comNo texto do email você precisa escrever a ID da conta e o seu login do skype.Após isso vamos precisar organizar uma chamada de vídeo com você. Tenho o prazer de informar que a verificação foi concluída. O web site apresenta mais de mil jogos, incluindo slots, roleta, e jogos de cartas. O casino oferece também uma secção de casino ao vivo, onde os jogadores podem apostar contra um croupier real. A empresa presta muita atenção à segurança dos dados pessoais dos seus clientes, utilizando os mais avançados métodos de encriptação para os proteger. Durante toda a existência do cassino online, não houve registo de um único caso de roubo de dados pessoais ou invasão de conta pessoal. Contudo, qualquer dano que o equipamento sofra por causa do transporte não é responsabilidade da iStore. O Cliente obriga-se a não entregar a terceiros o seu número de Cliente ou os elementos de identificação do pedido de reparação. Entrar no MostBet Casino é uma chance única que todos os que sonham com grandes pagamentos devem aproveitar. Mas primeiro você precisa criar uma conta e reabastecer a conta. Uma e a mesma conta dá acesso a todos esses tipos de jogos de azar, bem como bônus e promoções. A empresa é licenciada em Curaçao e sediada em Chipre, por isso aceita jogadores de vários países. O Mostbet bónus de casino e desporto é bastante extenso. A opinião Mostbet abaixo é apenas uma das muitas que está no Trustpilot. Além dos pseudoinfluencers acima, existem muitos mais a promover este casino ilegal.

  • Fakultas Hukum Terbaik Di Medan

    UncategorizedApril 20, 2023

    Fakultas Hukum Terbaik Di Medan Ini dapat dilaksanakan bahkan juga saat Anda barusan tergabung dalam agen sebagai pemain pemula. Tidak ada ketetapan jika beberapa pemain eksper lah yang dapat bermain sebagai skilled, pemain pemula juga masih tetap dapat lakukan permainan secara sama. Taruhan dalam tempat slot sebagai pemain skilled akan jadikan Anda mempunyai karier yang spesial dalam sektor judi on-line. Permainan profesional akan membuat Anda konsentrasi selanjutnya sanggup lakukan yang terbaik dalam tiap taruhan. Timbulnya situs slot on-line Usaklub jadi cara baru untuk pemain supaya gampang untuk bermain recreation slot online lewat handphone berbasiskan android atau ios. Game slot online gacor pertama ini digeber oleh provider slot pragmatic yang namanya gates of olympus ini memiliki skema slot gacor untuk memperoleh jackpot dari permainan slot ini. Jam slot gacor dari permainan ini diawali dari jam 15.00 PM sampai jam 22.00 PM, dengan skema slot gacor 6x5 dengan 20 line pada mesin slot. Provider slot ini dikenal juga sebagai sport slot yang gampang untuk raih jackpot dan bonus berlimpah. Game slot on-line starlight princess ini jadi situs slot gacor dengan tingkat RTP Slot sebesar 97,20% jadi recreation slot online terbaik yang bertopik anime dan penampilan pada game slot gacor yang memikat. Slot Online Starlight princess memiliki 9 skema dan 1 scatter, jika anda ingin memperoleh 15 free spin dengan free of charge anda semestinya untuk memperoleh ke-4 skema yang telah ditetapkan. Agen slot online paling dipercaya sekarang ini benar-benar susah kalian peroleh karena sekarang ini banyak tersedia sekali situs slot online terbaik bisa anda dapatkan di penelusuran google. Kami sebagai situs slot on-line sah sediakan sarana perbankan terkomplet, untuk lakukan transaksi bisnis kami sediakan opsi service deposit memakai BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, Q-RIS, OVO, Gopay, Dana, LinkAja, Deposit Pulsa. Game slot yang bertopik dan bernuansakan permen-permen ini tentu saja jadi opsi beberapa orang buat dimainkan. Usaklub juga masuk ke 5 kelompok web site judi on-line slot paling besar berdasar hasil dari voting oleh pemain slot online paling dipercaya. Servis yang dihidangkan oleh agen slot terbaik juga terjaga dengan service professional dan keamanan dalam jaga data diri beberapa pemain. Live Kasino Online Mekanisme servis atau Konsumen Servis dari web site judi slot deposit pulsa punya kami pasti mempunyai commonplace servis yang tinggi. Yang memiliki arti anggota dapat menanyakan kapan pun anggota alami ketidaktahuan ketika bermain slot online. Fitur jackpot yang hadir pada permainan poker dan slot tentunya membuat para member ingin mencoba keberuntungan yang mereka miliki.RTP slot gacor merupakan ringkasan dari return to player yang umumnya untuk istilah permainan slot on-line terbaik yang memiliki RTP slot paling tinggi bisa disimpulkan memiliki tingkat kemenangan yang besar.Bonus ini sebuah bonus yang dapat anda peroleh atau dapat anda claim saat anda barusan daftarkan diri di website kami.Dengan complete jumlah 1500 lebih permainan slot yang bisa anda mainkan dari provider seperti Habanero, Pragmatic, TTG, Play Star, Simple Play, Spade Gaming, I Soft Bet, Micro Gaming, Game Play, dan CQ9.Keringanan berikut yang jadi warga untuk dapat bermain dengan mengantongi keuntungan besar hasil dari kemenangan yang didapatnya.Dengan misi untuk membawa pemain hiburan on-line terbaik, kualitas terbaik, mansion M88 terbaik selalu menjadi pilihan nomor satu bagi mereka yang menyukai kasino on-line. Perubahan besar terjadi di timnya, semangat pemain untuk menang selalu membara di setiap laga. Converse Indonesia Selain slot on-line , tersedia juga permainan lainnya seperti judi bola online, reside casino / kasino online , poker online , tembak ikan dan juga permainan spesial dari provider IDN Live. Tidak hanya kelengkapan permainan, PAPABET88 juga memfasilitasi para membernya dengan berbagai cara untuk melakukan deposit yang mudah. Beragam cara deposit yang disediakan seperti via Bank , pulsa dan juga metode pembayaran aplikasi seperti OVO , DANA , Go-Pay, Doku dan lainnya . Anda hanya perlu daftar di Papa Bet88 login untuk dapat bermain langsung tanpa hambatan. Bersamaan mengembangnya teknologi dan jaman yang makin hebat membuat situs slot online paling dipercaya merombak dengan mendatangkan beberapa game slot gacor yang gampang untuk dimenangi oleh beberapa slotter mania. Setiap harinya member dapat mengklaim bonus sebesar 10% dengan minimal melakukan deposit sebanyak 1 kali. Fitur jackpot yang hadir pada permainan poker dan slot tentunya membuat para member ingin mencoba keberuntungan yang mereka miliki. PAPABET88 memiliki 10 supplier Slot Bet88 Online yang tersedia dan dapat dipilih oleh anda semua. Saat anda menyaksikan penampilan website judi slot online tentunya berlainan, Usaklub mempunyai penampilan judi slot on-line yang gampang dipahami oleh pemakai. Hingga pemakai gampang untuk menjalankan dan bermain slot online dengan benar-benar gampang. Usaklub sebagai situs slot online sah yang mempunyai rekam jejak terbaik, Usaklub mereferensikan untuk beberapa anggota untuk berhati hati saat menentukan situs slot online supaya tidak jadi korban agen slot gadungan atau penipu. Langkah pertama untuk melalui karier dalam sektor judi slot online dengan memilih untuk menjadi pemain skilled. Slot gacor online candy bonanza ini memiliki dua type yakni slot sweet bonanza dan slot candy bonanza xmas. Sebagai judi yang pertama kalinya turun kerana sport judi online, poker online sebagai raja permainan judi di Indonesia. Permainan yang dijajakan dalam recreation poker on-line tidak kalah menarik dari tipe recreation judi online yang lain, permainan yang kerap dimainkan dalam poker tidak lain yakni poker on-line, capsa on-line, dan dominoqq. Keringanan berikut yang jadi warga untuk dapat bermain dengan mengantongi keuntungan besar hasil dari kemenangan yang didapatnya. Dengan modal taruhan 10 ribu saja kalian bisa memperoleh hasil sampai juta-an rupiah dalam sekali taruhan judi on-line. Oleh karena itu kami akan referensikan kumpulan-kumpulan recreation judi online terkomplet yang pantas anda coba permainkan. Tahun 2022 jadi tahun yang paling berat untuk kita, karena sama seperti yang kita kenali jika indonesia masih dirundung dengan wabah yang berkelanjutan. Dengan total jumlah 1500 lebih permainan slot yang bisa anda mainkan dari provider seperti Habanero, Pragmatic, TTG, Play Star, Simple Play, Spade Gaming, I Soft Bet, Micro Gaming, Game Play, dan CQ9. Game permainan tembak ikan atau yang juga sering disebut dengan Fishing Game adalah salah satu permainan terbaru yang menarik hati para member. Bonus referal ini menjadi satu diantara tipe bonus yang gampang untuk dapat didapat dan tetap anda peroleh tiap minggunya. Persyaratan untuk dapat memperoleh bonus ini tidak susah, yakni anda perlu ajak saudara, rekan, atau rekanan kerja untuk bermain di web site slot terbaik kami dengan daftarkan diri mereka dengan code referal pemakai ID anda. Dengan demikian anda dapat peroleh bonus referal tiap minggunya dari perhitungan Turnover rekanan anda. Casiobet juga menyediakan permainan Poker Online Uang Asli yang bertaraf Dewa Poker IDN. Semua member bisa bermain melalui versi dekstop ataupun versi aplikasi mobilenya . Adapun jenis permainan IDN poker yang di sediakan yaitu Bandar Ceme, Dominoqq, Ceme Keliling, Capsa Susun, Poker, Omaha dan juga Superten. Hampir serupa dengan bonus referal, bonus ini dapat anggota peroleh tiap minggunya. Perbedaannya dari bonus referal, bonus ini dihitung dari Turn Over pemakai ID anggota tersebut . Maka besarnya bonus Turn Over ini akan bergantung dengan berapa kerap memberikan bermain slot. Panduan untuk bonus ini yakni persering untuk bermain slot dengan arah membesarkan jumlah Turn Over anggota. Link Alternatif M88 Dengan isi type registrasi di atas anda telah tercatat sebagai anggota situs slot on-line sah Usaklub. Bila anda ingin bermain langsung di web site slot on-line anda perlu lakukan minimal deposit. Cukup dengan lakukan minimal deposit anda bisa pilih di semua tipe recreation slot online. Disamping itu anda pun memiliki hak untuk memperoleh bonus dan kemenangan sampai juta-an rupiah. Sebagai website judi slot on-line paling dipercaya Usaklub memiliki rekam jejak yang bagus, pasti Usaklub mendatangkan beragam jenis tipe game judi online menarik dan pas buat dimainkan oleh kalian. Judi slot on-line bukan satu hal yang asing untuk kalian, dari periode ke periode telah banyak warga Indonesia digemparkan dengan permainan slot on-line terbaik memiliki keuntungan banyak. Slot88 ialah provider slot online terbaik dikenali sebagai situs slot gacor yang mempunyai sport slot on-line terkomplet dengan jackpot yang banyak. Pemain yang ingin bermain slot on-line terbaik pasti tak perlu cemas karena taruhan slot gacor on-line, kalian dapat akses dengan lewat link slot gacor bebas internet positif. Dengan link slot on-line itu kalian tidak membutuhkan vpn untuk buka web slot gacor 2022 untuk memperoleh bocoran slot gacor ini hari. Game Slot On-line Terbaik Opsi Nomor Satu Benar-benar gampang dan simpel persyaratan untuk dapat mengeklaim bonus new anggota ini. Bonus ini sebuah bonus yang dapat anda peroleh atau dapat anda claim saat anda barusan daftarkan diri di website kami. Langkah untuk mengeklaim bonus new anggota yakni dengan deposit pertama lalu anda dapat verifikasi ke Konsumen Servis kami untuk mengeklaim bonus new anggota anda. Papabet88 memiliki provider spesial seperti IDN Live Bet88 yang juga menyediakan permainan spesial yang menarik untuk dimainkan. Dealer yang didatangkan langsung dari Rusia dapat kalian lihat langsung dilayar komputer atau handphone anda. Permainan tradisional seperti Suwit, Poker Dice, Oglok, Niu Niu, Monopoli, IDN four Stand, Head Tail, Gong Ball, Bilyar, 3D shio, dan juga 5D sangatlah disayangkan jika tidak dimainkan. Slot Online terbaik Usaklub sangat pas untuk anda yang ingin cari tempat slot gacor mualai dari Slot88, Joker123, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Habanero, RTG, Joker123 Gaming. Judi online sebagai permainan pemroduksi uang yang disukai oleh warga Indonesia, perjudian on-line banyak dimainkan karena keuntungan besar membuat warga ikut jadi anggota bandar judi slot on-line. Bersamaan dengan perubahan jaman pasti makin gampangnya kalian lakukan aktivitas untuk bermain judi online, tidak itu saja kalian dapat bermain dengan memakai handphone berbasiskan android atau ios. Kualitas dari situs slot on-line Usaklub akan disaksikan dari berapakah jumlahnya pemain yang lakukan registrasi dan melakukan deposit. Makin bertambah situs slot on-line memiliki banyak anggota karena itu makin tinggi rekam jejak dari sebuah situs slot itu. Usaklub sebagai situs judi online paling besar yang memiliki komitmen untuk memberi servis terbaik untuk anggota yang tergabung dengan kami. Untuk jaga kenyamanan dan kualitas pada beberapa anggota slot on-line, Usaklub sebagai situs slot on-line paling dipercaya mendatangkan service aduan 24 jam non-stop ke anggota setia kami. Agen slot online Usaklub selalu memerhatikan kenyamanan beberapa anggota slot online dengan memberi servis professional dan terbaik ke semua anggota Usaklub bisa menjadi satu hal yang penting untuk anggota setia kami. RTP slot gacor merupakan ringkasan dari return to player yang umumnya untuk istilah permainan slot online terbaik yang memiliki RTP slot paling tinggi bisa disimpulkan memiliki tingkat kemenangan yang besar. Situs seluler terbuka secara otomatis jika Anda memuat situs dari ponsel atau tablet, jadi tidak perlu mencari link khusus untuk itu. Karyawan M88 Indonesia siap membantu Anda 24 jam sehari untuk telepon khusus dan email untuk pelanggan. Dengan misi untuk membawa pemain hiburan online terbaik, kualitas terbaik, mansion M88 terbaik selalu menjadi pilihan nomor satu bagi mereka yang menyukai kasino on-line. Link ke adalah yang diperbarui secara terus-menerus untuk semua orang tidak perlu khawatir diblokir. Sistem yang disiapkan situs Usaklub paling dipercaya yakni kalian bisa deposit memakai deposit bank BCA, Mandiri, Cimb Niaga, BNI, BRI, Q-RIS, OVO, Gopay, Dana, Link aja. Saya telah berusia lebih dari 18 tahun, telah membaca, dan menerima syarat dan ketentuan yang dipasang di situs ini, peraturan pribadi, dan aturan taruhan. Meski kalah, keberhasilan NSH menahan laju Aspac membuat manajer NSH, Yusuf Arlan Ruslim gembira. Tetapi hal itu tidak membuat menangguhkan niat kami sebagai situs slot gacor terbaik dan paling dipercaya untuk selalu memberi information RTP slot gacor ini hari sehari-harinya ke beberapa pemain. PAPABET88 memiliki pelayanan non cease 24 jam dari operator dan customer service yang ramah dipastikan membuat para member setia untuk bermain di PAPABET88. Para member baru tentunya juga akan dimanjakan dengan bonus dan promosi bet88 on-line yang menarik. Tentu saja untuk dapat bermain slot dan taruhan bersama-sama dan rasakan kemenangan dan bonus dari website judi slot terpercaya dan terbaik kami. PAPABET88 merupakan situs taruhan Papabet88 Bet88 on-line terpercaya di Indonesia. Maka tak perlu takut jika anggota ingin terhubung semua sarana atau feature website kami. Karena anggota dapat tanya semua pada layanan konsumen kami yang paling professional. Semua sarana dan fitur, dimulai dari sport slot terbaik, mekanisme transaksi bisnis deposit pulsa yang paling sangat gampang, dan beberapa bonus menarik. Karena itu anda tak perlu berasa sangsi untuk selekasnya tergabung bersama web site judi slot slots paling dipercaya kami dan rasakan semua keuntungan di dalamnya. Maka nantikan apa lagi selekasnya daftarkan anda, mengajak rekan, famili, rekanan kerja. Dengan improvisasi ini tentu saja penampilan dan backsound dari semua permainan situs slot gacor on-line yang diberi untuk kamu semakin lebih menarik dan spektakuler. Provider habanero yakni salah satunya supplier slot on-line terbaik memiliki nilai taruhan yang rendah dibanding dengan provider slot gacor yang lain.

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    The words an essay author can put together to create a written work are restricted only by the author's imagination and skill. A well-written essay has a fantastic structure, and a good conclusion. On the other hand, the kind of the post - or, more accurately, the demonstration of this essay - is often made up to the pupil to pick. Even though ...

  • Intimacy with a loved one.

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    Intimacy with a loved one. Tell me that you love me, that you will always be there, that you will never leave for anyone? - her voice was drowned in the quiet rustle of leaves. The moon illuminated her sweet face with the impartiality of a mirror. He looked straight into her eyes and remained silent. He knew that she understood him well even without words, just as he understood her all the time, she just wanted to talk. He did not interrupt her, because her voice for him was better than any music. He simply reveled in happiness and joy from the closeness of his beloved and rejoiced at the magnificent nature around. The gentle evening breeze, which had not yet had time to cool down after a hot day, pleasantly blew naked bodies. Soft sand, lifted by gusts of wind, gently tickled the skin. The sun, already almost hidden, sent its last rays for today to all lovers, and it was so nice to be among these lucky ones. Their lips found each other and joined in a long kiss. He remembered that he needed to breathe only after a couple of minutes, when his lungs were ready to burst. They lay down on the undulating sand and lay looking up at the sky. - I love swimming at night so much, let's go for a dip? - she said. She could not ask, he is always ready to fulfill her every desire. They went, the water pleasantly cooled the skin, the bottom began to smoothly disappear under their feet. After swimming some distance, he turned around and saw that she had stopped, going up to her waist. He wanted to call her to swim in a race, but then all the beauty of the picture that appeared before his eyes came to him. Her profile, as if chiseled from marble, against the background of the sunset sky, made a truly unforgettable impression, elastic breasts of a devilishly beautiful shape are covered with water droplets, fluffy hair flutters in the wind, and since he was deeper in the water, her slightly parted legs did not hide anything from his gaze. - Wait a little longer - I want to remember you like this for the rest of my life, - he regretted that he could not draw, because such a picture would always please the eye and would not leave anyone indifferent. She laughed: - You still have time to see enough of me, - she slowly walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders, continued seriously: - because we will always be together. From her touch on the body, as if a discharge passed, he suddenly realized that he had long been excited beyond measure. Following his gaze, she knowingly looked into his eyes and, without saying anything, clung to him with her whole body, their lips again connected two bodies that wanted each other. His hands gently caressed her back and buttocks, she slowly ran her hands over his sides and took hold of his tight flesh. He winced at the sharp, pleasant sensation. She began to slowly squat, smoothly leaving at the same time under the water. Through the clear surface of the water, he saw how her lips approached the head of his cock, ready to burst with excitement. She quietly touched her lips to his cock, then her tongue walked around the head and, finally, the cock plunged into her mouth to the very foundation. After giving him a few seconds of spicy pleasure, she suddenly stopped caressing, noticing работни обувки fw34 steelite lusum s1p 38 covorase man bayern münchen spieler karl sneakers addobbi fai da te matrimonio spoločenské šaty pre moletky that he was already ready to discharge. As soon as she surfaced, he immediately grabbed her arms and carried her to the shore. They lay down on the grass, and he sucked drops of water from her breasts with his lips. Gradually, he sank lower and lower, her breathing became more and more frequent, her hips began to move towards his movements. He drank her juice, which seemed to him the most intoxicating drink he had ever tasted. She herself stopped him when she felt that she herself was approaching the point of discharge. They so wanted to experience an orgasm necessarily together that she managed to stop. She lay more comfortably on the soft grass, he stood over her, his rearing flesh quivering in time with the rapid beating of his heart. She herself directed his member to the entrance to the holy of holies of her pure soul. Member slightly rested on her plump lips - he was afraid to hurt her with a sharp movement. She helped him, making a subtle movement of her hips towards his cock, and he began to sink into the alluring depth. When the member entered the whole, he hesitated a little, then began uniform movements, their breathing quickened, his lips found her breasts, then began to gently kiss her neck. She let out a soft moan, he stopped: - Are you hurt? - No, what are you. This is me from pleasure. - They did not notice that all this was said in a barely audible whisper. This could not go on for long, and he soon felt that he had almost come close to that line, because of which there was no return. Looking at her face, he realized that the same thing was happening to her. His movements became sharper and faster - they reached the "finish line". A few more pushes - and their bodies merged into a single all-consuming explosion of passion and sharpest pleasure. The shore resounded with the last drawn-out groan, and everything sounded in it - both joy, and sweet pain, and happiness, and gratitude to the one who gave pleasure. ... The whitish drops hit his fist tightly. The hand made a few more movements along the member, which was beginning to lose hardness. On crumpled He rolled over on his side and looked out the window at the star-studded sky. The shore of the lake gradually disappeared from his thoughts, only her image remained, clear and clean, inspiring hope for tomorrow. Tomorrow the first pair will be computer science, and they will again sit next to each other, and, with luck, both of them will be kicked out of the audience for chatting during the pair.

  • Cara Bertaruh Judi Beraksi Slot Online

    Slot88April 10, 2023

    Info menang taruhan judi main slot online, jika Anda merupakan pemain berjudi yang mau mencari keuangan dengan gampang di sini. Kami nantinya membagikan apa Tips Taktik Menang Judi Slot, Mesin judi slot sendiri yaitu pilihan permainan yang banyak tepat tentu saja anda selalu mendapatkan tabel yang berkali lipat karena permainan yang akan player tersebut mainkan berhasil bergantung dalam keberuntungan player.Namun selain sekedar hoki bagi saja disarankan ada tidak banyak cara mudah-mudahan bisa memimpin permainan yang satu ini dan bahwa sudah mengungkap caranya tidak hanya tidak mungkin andaikata jackpot buat lebih bersahabat didapatkan tentunya akan.Cara Merain kemenangan Judi Berfungsi Slot Online maka Langkah-langkahnyaMana kala bermain judi slot Roulette Judi togel tentunya sangat banyak yang berharap faktor keberuntungan ada pada saat pihak seluruh pemainnya, jangankan tidak beredar cara biasanya mengalahkan laba namun jurus ini atau memberikan orang-orang untuk mengurangi kekalahan pada saat bermain seandainya saat ini tidak beruntung, saat ini tips untuk kami bagikan semoga berhasil anda cobalah pada saat taruhan nanti.Pasang Pay Line yang AwasKemenangan fatal yang akan teman-teman dapatkan diantara permainan judi slot sendiri saat dari grup gambar dalam hal ini didapat sebanding dan bertutur seirama dengan formasi mercenaries memang telah ditetapkan. Jika anda berjudi judi slot tradisional maka dapat pembayarannya melulu dalam sebuah baris doang, Demo Slot Pragmatic namun jika kau bermain slot online maka sering pembayaran meliputi garis yang beda dengan remunerasi pay line slot online tentunya 9, 15, 25, 50 dan bisa lebih lagi.Penebusan biasanya dibayarkan ketika garisnya seperti di sudah disetting bisa Diagonal, Horizontal maupun Vertikal. Orang-orang judi pastikan anda lebih lihai melihat guratan dimana para petaruh ingin bermainb dan tetap memperhatikan kesiapsiagaan karena bisa sulit bagi garis supaya mendapatkan kemenangan memang besar. Jika Anda berhasil sampai garis memang telah di tetapkan maka Pemain togel akan menaklukkan banyak uang maupun koin dibayarkan ke pendapatan di akun ig Anda akan dapat mengambil dana / digunakan saat ini untuk bermain.Berkompetisi Dengan Struktur Anda Dengan sendirinyaSetiap pemain judi yang berjudi mesin slot atau perjudian dingdong percaya memiliki permainan yang sendiri-sendiri karena simak gaya pemain yang bertaruh para pemain yang di mainkan bisa menjuarai sejumlah rejeki, sebagian orang berpikir bahwa penapisan mesin supaya faktor fundamental kemenangan pada waktu bermain judi slot. permainan judi slot itu sendiri, sunggu di sayangkan ada juga yang mana mengatakan seharusnya mesin enggak bergantung untuk kemenangan sayang sekali cara agresi yang menghasilkan kemenangan tersebut. Banyak dan trik orang bertaruh ini termasuk ada banyak fitur hadiah seperti Cuma-cuma Spin dan melakukan susunan double saat bermain garis sampai telah muncul, jika dipastikan mendapatkan hal semacam ini maka tentu saja Anda sanggup berhasil dalam permainan ini.Tak boleh Memilih Alat Dengan Hasil Yang Sangat berpengaruhPasti master judi bingung ngapain kami menyarankan anda beberapa diantara tidak menyaring mesin slot online dengan jackpot sebesar itu, sudah terkadang mesin cuan yang terbanyak akan rumit dicari indungnya. Pilih alat dengan imbalan kecil disebabkan oleh jackpotnya mudah berarti banyak yang terkena jp. Dan jangan lupa untuk tetap bisa memperhatikan tepi kredit pemasangan di Judi Slot Bar/Arcade yang akan bettor mainkan akan dapat menjadi pemenang jackpot mengikuti mudah.Pilih Bandar Memasang taruhan Slot Online TepatBandar bisa pula Dealer menjadi sebuah permainan yang secepatnya anda lihat sebelum memainkan permainan. Dengan memastikan agen bisa pula bandar slot online terpercaya patut dapat dipastikan seumpama anda bermain disalah esa agen resmi tersebut sdepenuhnya jumlah keberhasilan yang master judi dapatkan begitu bermain judi slot akan dibeli. Maka dari itu kudu dipastikan pemain togel telah mencari bandar terbagus sehingga dikala anda bertanding anda jangan khawatir berserta merasa dingin selama bermain judi demo slot pragmatic.Demikian metode dari para bandar Cara Menjadi pemenang Judi Slot Judi togel yang bisa kalaian gunakan saat berjudi judi slot judi poker pastinya. Andai masih belum paham jurus memainkannya kemudian ada baiknya orang tersebut coba pada membaca panduan yang kita berikan balik. Setelah anda benar-benar memahami kiat yang patik berikan terhadap anda serta tidak ada salahnya biasanya mencoba menggunakannya dengan memainkan judi judi slot. Kabur mencoba sistem semoga Kita beruntung.

  • SLOT777 – Kumpulan Daftar Agen Slot Deposit Via Harta Tanpa Potongan Ini Terpercaya 2023

    Slot88April 6, 2023

    Slot777  - Slot deposit duit tanpa potongan bisa didefinisikan sebagai varian situs dimainkan akan mendapatkan uang selanjutnya berhura- hura. Agen slot deposit dana secara tidak potongan biasanya berpunya di slot duit, tapi juga memungkinkan dijumpai secara tersebut. Situs slot deposit keuangan bisa didefinisikan seperti wujud situs sampai dipakai buat selingan dan keuntungan. Situs slot deposit dana umumnya dijumpai di judi slot dana, tapi dan bisa dijumpai hingga online. Situs deposit slot dana tanpa larik adalah tipe agen yang bisa dimainkan buat kebahagiaan dan keuntungan. Web slot deposit dana cenderung tiba dengan kesepahaman yang perlu kalian taati buat memasang. Persyaratan umumnya diasasi dalam permainan yang bettor permainkan. Situs deposit slot dana bisa akses buat berhura- hura atau kalian boleh bayar buat kuasa spesial bermain.Slot Deposit Dana  potongan juga mungkin dimainkan buat merasakan uang atau player bisa mendapatkan duit dengan bermain bagi menghasilkan uang bonus. Bandar slot dana secara tidak potongan bisa dipasang dengan gratis ataupun beli situs slot online dana tanpa baris. Situs slot biaya tanpa potongan juga bisa dimainkan agar uang atau kita bisa mendapatkan harta dengan bermain supaya memenangi lebih uang banyak. Situs slot online dana tanpa bagian bisa dimainkan tak bayaran atau membeli situs slot keuangan tanpa potongan. Bandar slot dana tiada potongan juga memungkinkan dimainkan buat aset, atau kalian akan memenangi uang dengan bermain buat memenangkan lebih uang marak. Situs slot biaya tanpa potongan merupakan tipe situs guna dipakai buat alterasi dan buat membuahkan hasil. Situs slot uang tanpa potongan mungkin dimainkan tanpa odds atau kalian mungkin bayar buat berjudi.Agen slot via harta tanpa potongan ialah tata langkah terbaik buat menghasilkan uang. Kita bisa bermain tidak bayaran atau dimainkan, tetapi tata langkah terbaik buat mengalami uang adalah dengan berjudi untuk uang. Berantai awal yang penting kalian kerjakan adalah pasang computer kalian. Diatas bermakna karena mengenai menolong kalian agar mengawali. Setelah kalian atur situs kamu, kalian harus kekolah tipe situs yang ingin kalian pakai. Disajikan 3 tipe flatform: progresif, link slot jago777 standard lalu video. Progresif yaitu tipe situs akan ke umum dan temukan keuntungan besar sekali. Platform standard sama yang akan kalian dapatkan akan ke toko kelontong namun sedikit sulit. Agen video adalah bandar angkatan baru, & mereka hasilkan hasil baik terbaik. Mereka telah jadi tipe situs yang dapat kalian permainkan lewat computer kalian. Pemain itu adalah tipe flatform yang pas untuk dimainkan memakai aset karena benar-benar sepele untuk kamu mengatur dan masih bersungguh-sungguh berperan.Slot777 Situs Slot Deposit Dana Mudah dimenangkan Online Maxwin Meraih kemenangan dalam FenomenalSlot777 maxwin deposit dana tanpa potongan adalah sistem sistem yang hebat buat menghasilkan uang selanjutnya berhura- hura. Kau bisa memainkan atas slot dana online atau di slot dana raga. Orde sistem terbaik akan bermain situs deposit slot dana tanpa larik online adalah membetuli bila kalian kenakan feature lunak guna tepat. Kalian dan harus membenarkan apabila kalian kenakan leveransir feature lunak sampai handal. Ini mengenai memperkenankan kalian dalam membenarkan bila site yang kalian dengan adalah asli kemudian taruhan kalian terpercaya. Bermakna juga demi membenarkan bila kalian kenakan server ssl- nyaman. Ini tentang membenarkan keamanan lembar isian kalian dan keamanan slot dana tersebut kalian. Juga, alangkah baiknya bila kalian kenakan taktik permainan judi di pas. Ini sudah menolong kalian menguasai semakin banyak dan meraih lebih uang populer dan dari situs deposit slot dana tanpa kuplet.Slot 777  deposit dana maxwin adalah salah satunya menu online yang terkenal. Mereka gampang dibuka dan dapat benar-benar memberikan keuntungan. Artikel itu kalian akan temukan beragam tipe platform slot deposit dana, dan tata langkah sesuai buat menggunakan site ini sebagus- alhasil. Juga, kalian atau belajar tata tips hasilkan dan taruhkan situs slot deposit modal tanpa potongan guna pas buat memenuhi keperluan kalian. Berantai yang lain harus dimengerti mengenai situs deposit slot dana tanpa baris online terbaik dapatkah saya bermain slot deposit dana tanpa potongan gratis buat latihan disaat sebelum abdi bermain dengan keuangan asli? Mayoritas slot online dana tawarkan kita pilihan buat bertaruh slot dana tidak ada potongan gratis buat latihan disaat sebelum saat kalian mulai bergabung dengan uang sungguhan, tapi ada beberapa yang mana tidak meluluskan anda melakukannya. Setelah diatas, kalian mulai mampu bermain slot duit tanpa potongan online dengan uang nyata.Sebelum anda daftar dalam slot dana, Link Slot jago777 bahwa lebih dahulu kenali juga mengenal slot online terbaik no. 1 kemudian beberapa macam permainannya dalam hal ini memberikan bonanza jurnal terbesar dan big stake pada occasion yang terjadi perihal ini hari.10 List Daftar Slot777 Platform Slot Online Deposit Uang Tanpa Potongan DipercayaSitus slot dana deposit 10k dipercaya dalam beberapa kasus, situs slot keuangan tanpa potongan aset riil tawarkan feature bonus yang bermanfaat lebih dari keuntungan situs slot modal yang sebenarnya, seperti berbagai gulungan dan icon bonus. Beberapa situs slots dana tanpa diskon uang riil menyepakati pemain buat pakai kartu credit mereka atau bayar karena paypal buat hasil baik slot dana tak potongan uang sungguhan mereka.Yang lain bisa jadi sekarang ini masih mempunyai margin pada jumlah harta tunai maksimal sehingga dapat dimenangi pemain, walaupun ini umumnya kagak berlaku buat situs slot dana tidak potongan online sebab kesempatan buat menang suatu hal perputaran slot offline online bukan sama. Ada juga beberapa situs situs yang tawarkan jekpot kumulatif, tambahkan kemungkinan buat memperoleh jekpot dari satu pertaruhan ke permainan selepas itu, dan bonus slot online dana online hal ini jadi berharga ramai dari nilai uang ril dari kemenangan dengan didapat. Slot Deposit Dana Pragmatic PlaySlot Deposit Keuangan Joker GamingDeposit slot Dana HabaneroSlot Deposit Dana PlaytechSlot Deposit Dana SpadegamingSlot Deposit Dana MicrogamingSlot Deposit Dana Play N GoSlot Deposit Dana Cq9 GamingSlot Deposit Dana YggdrasilSlot Deposit Dana Handal Tren Gaming Slot dana tak ada potongan pada dasarnya adalah gabungan peruntungan, kekuatan, dan kesempatan, di bermakna bila tak ada taktik di dunia yang akan menolong kalian sukses lebih dari terik ketika kalian join games situs judi slot dana tanpa kuplet. Jika kalian betul- benar ingin menerima permainan dan untung besar sampai bettor harus lebih menyatu fundamental dan arif jikalau memasangkan taruhan. Bacaan judi slot dana anda bisa adopsi cukup banyak taktik kemenangan judi slot dana tanpa penggal online yang akan melegitimasikan bila kalian menghasilkan uang dari perjudian situs slot uang tanpa potongan poker online kalian.Slot777 Website Slot Deposit Dana Mendapat Panggilan Slot Online Dipercaya Maxwin777 Slot Online  adalah situs judi online seharian penuh yang suguhkan alternatif mesin slot online duit asli dengan membuat minimum deposit sepuluh. 000 rupiah dengan dana tanpa penggal sama sekali. Agen berlisensi slot dana sediakan beragam tipe permainan slot offline online uang sungguhan yang mempunyai (return to player) besar dan bisa buat kalian berhasil jekpot dengan pintas. Karena link slotdana di dukungan pada saat itu juga oleh 8 developer terkenal dunia yang sudah bisa dibuktikan sangatlah gacor sekali. Ditambah kalian bisa permainkan lebih dari 500 tipe games slots benar-benar gacor cukup dengan kenakan #1 account saja. Dengan semua keringanan dalam hal ini dibagi oleh website resmi slot dana bandar judi slot menyetor dana 10. 000 tanpa potongan terkemuka indonesia. Sampai tak bingung jika betting slot online ketika hal ini berkembang dengan benar-benar cepat dan naik daun di nusantara.Agen judi slot dana deposit sepuluh. 000 tanpa bagian tidak hanya suguhkan alternatif mesin slot online benar-benar gacor dengan arti minimum deposit yang mana murah. Melalui Link Slot jago777 resmi slot keuangan terpercaya indonesia, kamu bisa meraih kemenangan jekpot yang jumlahnya benar-benar luar biasa sekali. Karena kalian bisa buat bisa ambil hadiah jekpot di nilainya capai nomer miliaran rupiah. Karenanya ini jadi kemungkinan emas buat kita yang ingin jadi paduka tuan dengan tata tips gampang dan waktu yang pendek. Karena kalian hanya perlu jalankan minimum deposit sepuluh. 000 - 10k rupiah via dana tanpa potongan, kemudian kalian bisa nyata lakukan bettingan pada games slot online cukup gacor yang memiliki rtp besar. Dengan demikian, anda sudah mempunyai harapan untuk emas buat bisa menangi jekpot maxwin dan jadi baginda dalam watku rukun.Slot777 - Deposit slot Dana Situs Mesin Judi Slot Online Terbaik yang IndonesiaKita sebagian besar pasti sudah kenal jika permainan judi mesin slot online depo modal ketika ini mengulang trending dan padat di mencari dalam sloter mania diberbagi macam dunia. Berkenaan hal ini tidak terlepas yang disebabkan oleh nilai minimum transfer yang benar-benar murah buat bermain judi slot dan hadiah jekpot maxwin yang amat besar. Hingga menjadikan beberapa pemain sangat tertarik buat mungkin menangi hadiah jekpot mesin slot dengan pakai modal recehan. Sebab kalian hanya perlu pakai minimum depo 10. 000 rupiah melalui dana buat berjudi pada situs slots dan berpeluang demi menang jekpot sampai keseluruhan hadiahnya raih miliaran rupiah. Kemungkinan ini kenyataannya sungguh sayang jika mesti dilewati kan? Oleh sebab itu tidak aneh andaikata taruhan slot online bila ini demikian populer dan gampang supaya kalian dapatkan dengan penelusuran di google.Untuk kalian yang ingin bermain judi mesin slot online pengisian saldo dana 10. 000 tanpa potongan sungguh gacor dengan terpercaya dan nyaman. Hingga kalian harus akurat dalam memisah site slot online gacor yang akan kalian gunakan untuk tempat buat kerjakan taruhan. Buat player yang kebingungan supaya cari tempat dalam lakukan dengan aman dan telah dapat dibuktikan terpercaya. Sampai kalian disaat tersebut telah sampai atas status terbaik untuk lakukan bettingan ialah kenakan modal recehan. Karena slotdana adalah situs resmi poker online slot dana 10. 000 tanpa bait yang sudah bisa dibuktikan benar-benar gacor akan ke indonesia dengan cara keamanan terbaik. Maka jika kalian sudah lakukan bet judi slot online gacor dengan pintas, ringkas dan jauh. Sampai kalian harus buat berusaha keberuntungan kalian melalui permainan slot online terbaru yang lain pada link yang sah dan slot dana kesatu indonesia.Langkah Pengisian saldo Di Situs Slot Online Pengisian saldo Dana 10. 000 Tanpa PotonganSlot777 akan menolong mereka untuk memperoleh infomasi sekitar tutorial petunjuk deposit situ slot via dana tidak potongan minimum 5000 untuk kamu kebanyakan. Slot deposit dana mungkin dilaksanakan dengan pilihan 2 opsi, pertama pengisian dana via sama-sama dana dan ke-2 menyetorkan via rekening bank. Ini dapat bettor saksikan dan menonton tata triknya berikut ini:Slot Deposit Via Duit Mengekspos account atau program DanaTentukan dan tekan knop KirimInfo no arah untuk kolom telephoneMasukan nominal harta yang ingin dikirimGeser knop tab bayarAnjuran PIN account Aset Deposit slot Dana Ke Akun bank Bank Membuka program serta account danaTentukan dan tekan knop KirimTentukan Rekening BankTentukan Nama bankInformasi no rekening haluanMasukan nominalnya uangAlih knop tab beri uangMasukan PIN account dana Buat semua anggota 777 slot online, dipastikan jadi perhatian setuju jika ingin deposit mesti menyaksikan nomor arah dari banklist akan dapat chat cs dari livechat dalam hal ini telah disiapkan, perihal ini semua untuk lari kekeliruan dalam pemindahan dana, karena yang mana bernama nomor hadapan itu tidak abadi, dan saat ada penggantian tidak hendak ada diinfomasikan keseluruh anggota tetapi doang dari teks harapan.Keuntungan Bermain Di Site Slot777 Slot Online Gacor Deposit Via Biaya Tanpa PotonganCukup banyak besar fans judi online mesin Judi slot online  keuangan asli deposit melalui dana tanpa larik mengharap dapat menemukan banyak keuntungan ketika kembali lakukan pertaruhan. Jika kalian tertulis salah satu pemain untuk nikmati keuntungan yang fantastis saat bermain judi slot online mudah menang deposit dana tidak ada potongan dengan modal recehan. Sampai kalian sesudah memisah tiba di tempat yang terpercaya. Karena slotdana pernah suguhkan beragam juga hal yang menguntungkan bisa membuat kalian ingin. Salah satu keuntungan yang memungkinkan kalian rasakan menurut terang adalah pariwara deposit slot via aset dengan nominal 10. 000 rupiah saja. Nilai itu adalah yang benar-benar ekonomis dan membuat sejumlah pemain judi mesin slot poker uang asli mau lakukan dengan gunakan modal recehan.Tidak hanya terbuka dengan nilai tak banyak depo yang amat murah buat berjudi slot online via dana. Situs resmi slotdana juga suguhkan ada banyak beragam tipe permainan judi slot online gacor yang bisa anda permainkan dengan amat ringkas kenakan kesatu account saja. Di detik ini pun, telah ada amat dari 500 ragam permainan mesin slot poker uang asli terupdate yang bisa kalian pilihkan dan permainkan yaitu kenakan modal recehan. Dengan jumlahnya alternative permainan slot mudah dimenangkan pada situs resmi slot dana, hingga kalian pasti memungkinkan dapatkan games judi slot online terbaru yang menggunakan rtp besar yang bisa membuat kalian untung hadiah jekpot maxwin dengan mudah.Agar member setia slot dana bandar taruhan deposit slot dana 10. 000 tanpa potongan boleh bermain dengan tenang dan nyaman. Slot777 sudah suguhkan gadaian pembayaran 100% supaya masing- masing keberhasilan yang sudah berhasil kalian capai. Dengan begitu, kalian disaat hal tersebut lakukan taruhan yaitu benar-benar nyaman kemudian aman buat menghasilkan hadiah jekpot perkiraan bisa selesai. Lantaran, berapa saja semua sudah hadiah kemenangan yang telah sukses kalian ambil, tentu akan akan ke proses sama terbaik proses withdraw yang berlaku pada url resmi slot uang nomor 1 di republik indonesia. Maka tidak boleh berpendidikan benar-benar lama didapatkan bos ku, jika ingin meraih kemenangan dalam jekpot slot gacor dengan gampang juga kilat, sampai buru-buru daftarkan diri bettor disaat ini dan juga lewat slotdana site judi slot deposit uang 10. 000 tiada potongan benar-benar mudah menang di indonesia.Mengenai Situs Slot Deposit Uang 10 ribu Tanpa Diskon?Salah satu taktik menguasai slot deposit dana yang benar-benar umum serta efisien adalah pasang taruhan di slot deposit dana arti rendah karena bandar ini bayar ramai saat kalian berjaya. Jika kalian mainkan slot dana  limit besar sampai kalian bisa jadi tidak dapatkan banyak uang. Slot deposit harta batasan rendah sesungguhnya bayar lebih baik dan juga karena itu berikut mengapa demikian mereka masih pasti terkenal di bentuk pemain. Jika kalian hasilkan bila kau mempunyai rangkaian hadiah yang bagus, sampai anda bisa berusaha selanjutnya kurangi jumlah hasil baik kalian hingga bettor tidak akan kalah amat banyak. Ada juga website slot deposit dana yang lainnya yang tawarkan kelebihan jumlah uang cash minimal ketika anda bermain dan maka jika kalian berusaha buat memperoleh hasil maksimal besar, sampai kau harus masih serius berdasar pada deposit slot dana ini.Slot online bersisa tetap jadi merupakan dari sektor sarana di slot modal. Dari situs jadul yang kembali ragam ketika ini hingga situs classic dalam hal ini sudah dipakai sejak lama, ada opsi buat masing- masing pemain slot deposit biaya. Tetapi, apa bettor link Slot jago777 seorang pendatang baru serta pemain eksper, banyak point yang dipastikan kalian kenali agar mulai bermain situs slot deposit dana judi online buat hasilkan dana dan berhura- hura. Dalam posting itu, slot777 akan menguji kekeliruan yang sangat kerap dicoba pemula dan tata panduan menghindariinya. Slot777 pula akan memperlihatkan orde langkah memasangkan agen kalian dan start bermain. Setelah memastikan artikel ini, pastikan buat mendatangi platform situs slot777 demi mainkan situs slot deposit dana online amat atas tanpa nominal.

  • Knowledge of Passion

    UncategorizedApril 6, 2023

    Knowledge of Passion Have you ever poured a bucket of cold water on yourself? And three? If so, you understand me. Everything inside (and outside) shrinks for a second, then you want to frantically jump out from the burning moisture ... and, having regained the ability to breathe, you grab a shaggy towel. And, finally, rubbing himself with a towel, cheerful as a thousand penguins, you open the door and feel the air with your whole skin, which only recently was stuffy-hot, but now it seems pleasantly warming. It’s good that you don’t have to dress - only you are at home. In a white loose blouse and a long, long brown skirt, you toss something in the pans in the kitchen. My girl ... When I first saw you on the train, I still did not understand - that you are my destiny. I generally slow down in such matters. But the fact that such people come across very rarely came to me right away. And I also realized that I would be looking forward to our next meeting. Perhaps because it is so easy for me with you, as it has never been easy with anyone? I creep up from behind and hug your breasts with greedy hands. You don't react for a few seconds, and then you turn around and our lips touch each other... how will it end this time? I don't know, and this sweet suspense of the eternal game between a man and a woman warms the blood again. My hands are already habitually crawling under my blouse, your body responds trustingly and passionately, clinging to me ... and suddenly you say ... "Do you know how a guy shows everyone that this girl is HIS girl?" You turn me around and sweetly bite my shoulder at the very base of my neck. I don’t know how it affects girls, but it creeps into my entire spine. Growling in my soul, but not forgetting to return your "sign of belonging", my lips cover your face and neck with kisses ... Have you thought about the expression "cover with kisses"? This is so that not a single place is left that is not caressed with lips .... Remember, we once started with this? I kissed your still awkward virgin body a thousand times. And another thousand and another... all night long. Now my hands and lips know many paths of your pleasure. But this does not mean that I know everything - love with you every time is a discovery that needs to be made. This is a theorem that needs to be proven, this is a prayer that has not yet been read by anyone even a single time ... Under gentle pressure, you give up and almost sit down on the kitchen table, but it’s so uncomfortable to start, and I, sighing in my soul, step back a little and fall on a chair . You carefully picked up the skirt, under which, as always, you put nothing on top. Already from the second time, softly yuknuv, you let me in until the very end and the swing begins. Faster, faster... your body responds more and more, we fall into a single rhythm and hold it for a while... and then I break into a frantic dance, carry you in my arms around the kitchen, throw you on the table and the old walls hear yours again screams and moans. How I love this music! This goes on for a long time .... Or a moment? Love is not a state in which to feel the time, one cannot rush in it, and, having felt that this chord is over, we disconnect our subtle physical connection. Longing intensifies desire. As if waking up and not noticing my excited body, you sit on a chair near the table and pour yourself a glass of water with lemon. Now you are Lolita, and it’s not for nothing that the sparks in your eyes are so thrown, whether you like it or not, forty-year-old men. A green-eyed girl in a white blouse slowly drinks water and then, smiling a little, either at me or at her thoughts, puts the glass on the white table and takes my standing flesh in her lips. I love watching this so much! But now your thick long hair is blocking the spectacle, and you have to think for yourself. I start to move towards, but the hair is in the way for you too, and you ask to hold it. Not the first time - I hold their weight every day while you wash your face in the evening. This rite is one of many in the life of lovers filled with signs. Now you can watch without interference. A curious maximalist in everything, you, having learned that the most experienced of my past women knew how, from the very beginning tried to take me into your mouth completely, to the very end. Now you do it easily and gracefully, with your left hand leaning on the table, and with the other, affectionately hugging my thigh. Either pushing me down the throat, or playing with my flesh with your tongue, you turn me on more and more. I watch how all my fifteen centimeters disappear between your lips filled with desire and remember ... Whether you like it or not, the light that illuminates everything around you is the light of passion. You are passionate in everything you do - and when I got to know you better, I was very surprised that at the age of 19 you kept your virginity. But soon I found out the reason - your feminine essence was hidden behind the barriers of pain and fear, manic looks and touches. On the simplest shaking of the wrist, you could fall into a painful semi-conscious state for three hours, each step along the path of rapprochement was accompanied by tears. You constantly fought with yourself, and I promised myself that II will help you in this fight. I sensed a great power in you... and we succeeded in awakening it. It's not over yet, only a year has passed... what will happen next? Do you remember how embarrassed you were to tell me this and wrote in a note ... "I want deeply. Strongly. You." Big, big letters... I want that too. I leave the gentle captivity of your lips and, with a jerk, pressing you against the wall, I enter you. Like a man into a woman, strong, deep, furious. You are my woman. Now the real begins - not a game, not pleasure - we are completely open to each other. Nerve to nerve - and everything that we have spills out in this wild dance. The most hidden and forbidden dreams, something that even oneself can be difficult to admit, something that cannot be said in words, we give to each other. And we accept it. Love is multifaceted, now it's the turn of this facet. It seems that once it was called an orgy and it was a ritual... Now you will become a priestess of love. The vessel of a man's desires, the point and infinity of aspiration. Passion leads to life, to death, to pleasure, to knowledge, to wisdom, to beauty, and this passion is you. And now your body dissolves in my desire, you can no longer stand on your feet ... Down with all your clothes! Truth comes naked. Down with all prohibitions. Only freedom! I transfer the all-accepting tenderness of your body to the big bed - now everything is ready. Your reddened lips whisper softly and distinctly... - That's it... take me just the way you want, don't pay attention to my desires... I allow everything... and if I don't allow something, take it myself! I freeze for a second, enjoying the gentle stillness of the curves of your young body. And then, stretching out my hand, I squeeze the tender nipple of a large breast to the pain in my fingers. Your body of a forest nymph is thrown up, a cry of either pain or passion fills the room. It doesn't matter, what I want - you want it too, we have long since learned to read each other's thoughts. Either kisses or bites now torment you. Neck, shoulders, hips ... You languish, tremble and scream from my touch, your head dangles helplessly on the pillow, you wait and beckon, but only after playing enough of the madness of your body, I proceed to the main thing. I enter you - with a swing, confidently, to the end - and you accept me delightedly, like a sheath accepts a blade. Now the beautiful butterfly is firmly pinned with a needle and is trembling in the wind of my desire. And you really want it. When I, as a master, break into your flesh, the force of the blow goes through a cramp all over your tender and strong body. It passes in a wave along the spine, the hips tremble and open from it, the back arches towards me, the eyes roll back and the mouth opens wider and wider, forming the letter "O". You stretch your neck, lick your lips and as if caressing someone invisible... Without stopping blows, I fill the void with my fingers and your lips greedily and passionately accept them, your tongue hastily caresses my fingers, pushing them further, into the depths of the throat... - Yes, yes, yes ... - you whisper and shout when I give you such an opportunity, - I want the men to go one after the other, and take, take, take me ... I want to be a source that quenches my thirst ... and so that it never, never, never ends ... I want it too - you know. And because your words completely tear off the remnants of the roof for me - flying up, it seems, half a meter above the bed, whipping your softness with the whip of my body, I manage to get into your wide open bosom almost every time. And each of my hits is marked by a triumphant cry, and your throat marks rare misses with an offended groan. You are already so open that in addition to my toy you take in four more fingers, but we all cannot get enough of intimacy. More, more, more ... Finally, I can not stand it and go out. A few seconds of silence... You lie quietly, as if unconscious and only breathing heavily. But this calmness is deceptive - a quick blow with your palm on your lower lips, and the body obediently arches towards you, and from a sweet cry, it seems that the walls will now collapse. I wonder if the neighbors behind the wall hear this music of violent love? Another biting slap, now on the inside of one thigh, on the other, on the flushed cheeks, on the hard nipples of the chest ... Like a musical instrument, I play on the body of my beloved and it responds, obedient to my power, the greedy and tremulously sonorous body of the girl ... I squeeze your tender neck to the point of wheezing, I test the strength of my fingers on your perfectly shaped thighs, I try to penetrate the softness of the chest with the iron of my fingers ... you accept everything. Not as a slave - as a queen, not as a punishment - as an offering of gifts. Because everything I do - I do only out of love. My hands are already tired, but you demand more and more. And who came up with this idea that intimacy lasts eleven minutes? Having rested in your lips that have seized upon the real thing, I quickly run for oil and we proceed to storm the next peak. One finger, another, ... finally your ass relaxes and lets me into the only depth unknown today. I want all of you - and you are completely mine. Body bendis on top of mine, the fingers of one hand inside you feel the beating of passion between the buttocks through a thin partition, the fingers of the other caress your lips and tongue, I fill you as much as possible. But your indefatigable body knows no limits, and when, poured out and happy, I freeze on the bed, you noticed ... - Strange female nature ... now it seems to me that everything is just beginning ... And I just smiled. Not because you're tired - just as you don't get tired of real work, you can't get tired of true love either. Yes, everything is just beginning! The rite was accomplished and we, fresh and renewed, went further through our world. And then, a few days later, you said ... "Of course, a third person with a camera would probably interfere with us then ... but I so want that what was was not lost, preserved for the world. And then I wrote this story. Having read it while I was at work (and this was the first reading of this kind in your life), you signed at the bottom ... "I really liked it, the main thing is realistic and not a drop of naturalism, although I saw it in a slightly different light , not as a ritual, but simply to dissolve in the Divine ... Thank you" And if anyone understands love the same way we do, write. And let there be more beauty in the world. All you need is love!

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